How to practice self-care when you have no time for it

These days with technology making us “more efficient” (read: more productive, read: busier) on top of all the normal day to day we juggle, we are constantly needing to prioritize our lives to get everything done. However, if you think about all the things on your list of things to take care of, how often are you on the list?

And yet, if you’re running at half your emotional, mental, or physical capacity most of the time, you’re less able to accomplish everything you need to, let alone in a way you’re happy with. Self-care is all about doing something deliberately to improve our wellbeing (mental, spiritual, emotional, physical…)

Oh, great. You want me to put MORE on my list??

“I wake up 20 minutes early in the morning to have a calm breakfast and relax into my day”

“I schedule a 90 minute massage every month to wipe away past stresses”

“You should light a candle and have a me-time hour once a week doing whatever makes you happy”

Did I catch you rolling your eyes at any of these, thinking: who has time for all that?

If the concept of self-care is just one more thing for you to worry that you’re not getting quite right, then I’ll offer you a bit of a reframe – self-care isn’t about squeezing another thing into your schedule that you don’t have time for, nor is it about taking a hangover day every month that will supposedly cure all the stress, anxiety, and exhaustion life has brought you in the last few weeks.

It’s about leaning in to your busy life by making yourself a priority within it.

I guarantee you there are things on your to do list that don’t add much value to your life, or which actually take away from it.

Don’t make your life harder by getting to bed later just so you can make and drink calming tea for the sake of “taking care of me”.

Do identify how good it feels to have a laugh during a friendly conversation, and let yourself have that luxury for an extra 5 minutes in your office kitchen or with the barista at a coffee shop instead of rushing off to get more done.

Take a little extra time to maintain your wellbeing – you’ll be amazed at the benefits of taking on a day from a place of energy vs. blinders-on focus to get everything done.

How do you make time for self care? Leave a comment!

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