High-vibe Podcasts & Instagrams that will brighten your day

Use your phone addiction to get you on a higher vibe

When you’re in a feel-good mood and riding a happy vibe, what kind of person are you?

I get friendlier, more confident, and better able to handle any stress or anxiety-inducing crap that comes my way.

Not today, bad juju!

When I’m feeling down or stressed, I’m in my head, harder on myself, easily frustrated, and much less open to the world around me.

Which person do you wanna be when you’re making decisions for yourself, and interacting with the people around you?

If you reflect on it, I think you’ll find that high-vibe you is generally someone that sees opportunities, builds connections with others, and makes choices that lead to positive change and positive impact.

Stressed you generally criticizes more harshly, gives up on personal goals, houses feelings of guilt and hopelessness, and often eventually pushes self-destruct… so you continue feeling crappy.

Below are some social media suggestions to turn your media addiction into a tool that gets you on to a higher wavelength (and keeps you there). Because let’s face it: you’re around a phone or computer screen all the time. You’re constantly taking in information from these sources, so why not make it work for you?


Podcasts are fantastic for your daily commute or long drives. They’re also great for when you’re doing work around the house.

The podcasts below will connect you with the world around you, uplift you, give you actionable steps to improve your day to day, or just give you a boost of feel good vibes.

Gretchen Rubin is a lawyer-turned student of happiness. She has written some fantastic books on the subject (the first being The Happiness Project, which I highly recommend) and has also run her podcast for several years, with a focus on daily habits and mindset shifts that will have you re-examining all the small things you do, for the better.

Dan Harris is a news anchor, meditation enthusiast and author of the best-selling book 10% Happier. He uses his podcast to explore mindfulness and happiness with his interviewees – leaders in wellness, psychology, neuroscience, mental health and more.

This is an interesting podcast on our innermost workings – the psychology of how people behave and what they believe. It seeks to answer questions around what drives us, and is quite thought provoking if you’re looking for some self-reflection time.

This is a fun and funny podcast, where comedian John Hodgman of The Daily Show fame plays judge for bickering families and friends. While the issues raised are common and not overly serious, the show reminds us how to laugh, communicate and love each other even when we think we want to kill each other over something like an intense debate over whether to remove a plant in the garden or not.

This weekly podcast by NPR touches on the very many emotions and experiences that make us human on our journeys through life. The show interviews TED speakers, highlighting new discoveries, creativity and innovative ways of thinking. It might just be the thing that opens your mind and leaves you with insights and a new perspective,  


You might not be the type of person to get feels when you read (possibly cheesy) uplifting quotes, but I have personally found several times now that I’m feeling down, I go open Instagram to zone out for a bit, and the first post on my feed happens to be some words that are exactly what I needed to hear.

If you surround yourself with messages that support and uplift you, you’ll find that these stay with you.

You love cheese in real life, learn to love it on IG too (if you’re lactose intolerant/allergic to dairy… I bet you’d also love cheese if you could eat it). If you pride yourself on not being the kind of person that sh*ts rainbows, don’t worry, it won’t kill you to get a kind message every once in a while!

Find an IG account/FB page that’s resonating with you and follow/like it (I’d actually recommend 2-3 accounts so you actually see some of the posts in your newsfeed). Some hashtags that might be helpful when looking are #positivity, #positivequotes #positivevibes… I think you get the pattern. Health and Life coach pages are also a common spot to find great posts on mindset (speaking of which, have you ever checked out mine?! @goodjujuliving)

Here are some of my favourite Instagram positivity pages. There are SO many out there, so find one that resonates with you!

Find a page that posts consistently, but not multiple times a day, as this might clog your feed. While you’re at it, why not do a purge and get rid of accounts that are only bringing you down?

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