Give Yourself Energy Back in only 15 Minutes

Since the whole world is on a Marie Kondo bender, let’s talk about that pile of coats on your hallway chair (I see you… or I might be talking to a mirror).

Have you ever walked into your home, looked around, and been immediately drained by all the little patches of mess and clutter around?

Can you feel this clutter literally draining your mental energy just by being there? Even if you just push past it and move on, does it stress you out, make you feel more lethargic towards getting other things done (because there’s ONE MORE thing on the list), and even affect how much you want to go out and be active?

Would you believe that your home could be a place that actually GIVES you energy?

Consider a big knot in your muscles. If the knot is really bad, say something healed poorly, it reduces the full functionality of that area. You can carry on with your life, but you’ll be plagued by aches and weakness as you try to use the muscle normally.

Similar to ignoring a muscle knot, it might feel like you can put the stress of clutter aside, but then you’re just coping. It’s a sore spot on the psyche that drains your energy just by existing. Plus, as time goes by the clutter continues to grow, and sporadic attempts to tackle some of it start making it feel like a never-ending battle, the stress of which you can’t really ignore anymore.

The result? A mass, multi-hour tidy-up that you need to schedule into your day.

Instead of yo-yo-ing from a clean house, to a slow build up of clutter (energy-draining anxiety) that leads to a breaking point where you take hours out of your day mass tidying, there is a much better option.

With a muscle, if you go for a massage or roll it out a bit, you might loosen up that area and restore some of its capability. If you want it fully healed, then you need to consistently work at it. Likewise, every time you clean up a space, you release some of that ball of held up energy back to you.

Inspired by Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project (fantastic read), enter: the 15 minute tidy up. Before bed each night, set a timer for 15 minutes and do a walkaround, clearing up some of the clutter around the house, whether it’s just hanging up that clothes you’ve thrown on a chair through the week, re-ordering the bathroom counter, organizing the mail, putting away laundry, or anything in-between.

After 15 minutes are up, thank yourself and get to bed! Just like a muscle knot needs a consistent approach to be worked back to full capacity, taking 15 minutes a day to tidy up, no matter whether you get it all or not, will consistently lighten up your load each day.

It might even move you away from frequent hours-long mass tidy-ups only to have the mess return 2 weeks later, and on to a place where your home is being somewhat managed. You will feel the difference between walking into a bedroom that 90% of the time has clothes strewn everywhere, versus walking into one that has space for you to live and sleep.

I’ve even found that practicing this has led me to get better at avoiding making clutter in the first place, because I know I’m just going to have to clean it that night!

Of course, if you have a busy household, you’ll likely still have big cleaning days. Enlist your family/roommates if you can, and turn your home from a drain to something that energizes you when you walk in the door.

Try it tonight!

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