Eating better is awful and you should definitely quit.

“Well… I guess I have to eat better.”

WAH WAHHHH *cue the sad trombone*.

Boring, bland food… Hard work cooking… Sacrificing that delectable treat I always have… Giving up the little joys in life…

Maybe I’ll eat better next month?

What if instead of not eating pizza, never eating out on a Friday, not eating your daily dose of chocolate (yum!), you chose to simply add something delicious and nutritious to your life?

And what if, once it became easy to add that little something on a daily basis, you decided it isn’t so much work after all to have a couple hard boiled eggs ready for breakfast in the morning, instead of your usual bagel that leaves you feeling drowsy anyway?

What if by making a single tiny change, you became confident you could make more.

Wait a minute… Are you… starting to be someone… who is, dare I say it, eating better?!

What sounds harder – cutting out pizza and being left with a space cadet stare in your pantry as you think “well…what do I eat now?”


Adding more options to your life that are good for you and make you feel great, while you build a habit of having them every day?


Let’s take it to max level, cadet: what if you found that eating these little nutritious and delicious somethings kinda made you feel good – you find they don’t give you that awful sugar crash, upset your stomach, or drain your energy so much you could sleep where you stood?

Maybe, just maybe, you might WANT to eat the things that make you feel good?

You may scoff in disbelief, but you won’t know unless you tryyy ittt…..

Here’s the secret: giving up something is much harder than adding something to your life. You want to eat better? Build the habit of eating things that are great for you, taste good, AND make you feel good. So many of us fall off track because we’re trying to eat entirely differently all at once – stop eating everything we normally eat, and start eating all this “healthy” stuff. The thing is, small steps are still steps, and if it becomes second nature to you to make a salad with dinner, maybe next time you’re in the grocery store picking up your salad you might try grabbing a few more things from that vegetable aisle.

Eating “better” isn’t hopeless for you just because you didn’t wake up last Monday a vegan guru that drinks kale smoothies for breakfast and who has never heard of the Domino’s app (trust me).

Now isn’t that a relief?

Do it now (right now or you won’t do it!): if you have a goal to “eat better”, what’s one thing you could add to your day to day that progresses you towards your goal? Make it meaningful enough that you’ll feel good about it, and yet manageable and enjoyable enough that you’ll actually do it.

Take a step closer to making success inevitable for you this time around – hit me up on my Work With Me page! From one chocoholic to whatever foodoholic you might be, together we’ll get you on a track you WANT to be on, without you questioning all of your life choices that led to you treating bread like it’s the devil’s food.

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