Book Review: Girl Wash Your Face

Length – 240 pages

Would Recommend? Oh yeah.

Key Takeaways –

Gosh in a book literally made of 20 chapters each with a different lesson based on lies we believe about ourselves, it’s hard to grab key takeaways!

The overarching theme of the whole book is that YOU have responsibility for your life and your happiness. Rachel shares many experiences and challenges from her life and the lessons she learned, trying to convey that no matter what bull life throws at you, no matter how the odds are stacked against you, no matter what difficulties that are totally out of your control have been put in front of you, you have the option to not crumple up and give up on life, but to choose to grow and live better.

This aligns with my outlook on life personally, but I also haven’t been through as many personal challenges as she has, that’s for sure.

The chapter that resonated with me the most was “I Need to Make Myself Smaller”, where she opens up about how she stumbled upon a hidden belief she had that in order to feel safe and loved, she had to be small. When I thought about the amount of times I’ve felt it’s better to be quiet, it’s better to not stand out, it’s better to not express an opinion, this really resonated. How often do I intentionally make myself small, and why? Is it really necessary? Is it holding me back from new opportunities?

Overall Comments

The book tries to cover as much ground as possible – relationships, being a mom, alcohol, therapy and past traumas, business building/goal setting, body image, and a whole whack of inner beliefs that dictate your life without realizing it. It’s written from Rachel’s worldview, so you may or may not agree with or relate to everything she discusses; however she backs up all her talking points with a life experience, so it’s still a worthwhile perspective to consider.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book, and definitely recommend!

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