My name is Julia – I’m the founder of Good Juju Coaching. I’m a corporate Engineer and, more importantly to you, a certified Life & Health Coach, although I prefer to go by Habits Coach Extraordinaire.

Consider me your cheerleader, sidekick, and helpful guide towards ditching excuses, unhealthy mindsets and behaviors, and following through in a way that you never have before – for life.

Here’s the Truth.

​I ain’t perfect (WHAT?! You don’t say). I’m not your typical green smoothie drinking, gratitude journaling, hyper-organized, I-go-for-10k-runs-every-week kind of coach. The truth is cardio and I aren’t exactly friends, sometimes it’s haul to get myself out of bed early, and I know the alluring pull of letting excuses win the day all too well.

“Um… so why should you be my coach?” You ask?

Because I’ve been exactly where you are. I know change is hard. I know all the information out there is totally overwhelming. I know that you can spend a year reading and thinking and planning and not actually DO anything about it. I know what it’s like to ask yourself “Is it really a BIG DEAL if I just SETTLE instead?” and then proceed to do just that… only to remain unhappy.

I know it becomes a total identity crisis when you aren’t sure why you’re even trying so hard in the first place.

The real truth is I used to be totally lost. I used to be completely unable to enact change in any part of my life. I used to have no idea how to find motivation, and even what to do once I found it.

And now, though like I said I’m not your “perfect” go-getter queen, I know what works and what doesn’t. I know how to follow through on what you say you’re going to do. I know what it takes to not quit on yourself, to suddenly look in the mirror one day and realize you’re more of the person now that you wanted to be than you’ve ever been before.

And I know how to help get you there too.

Get in touch – I’d love to take your first step forward with you.

Get the Help that will Make the DIFFERENCE

Wishing you all the best,